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  • Bloor Homes stands by figures Friday, April 20, 2012

    Stratford Council has challenged some of the numbers of existing dwellings for the 39 Local Service Villages (LSV) shown in our recent Newsletter.

    We carefully considered the methodology for the figures we published in order to illustrate how a proportionate dispersal strategy may proceed in the absence of any explanation by the Council in the Core Strategy itself.

    Ward based data is now 10 years old and not all wards solely contain the named Local Service Village.

    In addition, not all the LSVs have existing settlement boundaries so it is not possible to simply count houses within a defined area (we believe that only 21 of the 39 villages have a currently defined boundary).

    The figures we therefore produced  intended to identify the existing housing stock for each of the named villages using up-to-date Post Office based address mapping software (Address List Q4 2011).

    Our methodology allowed us to create a comprehensive and up-to-date database of households centred on the postal addresses for each Local Service Village. To verify approximate quantities, these were cross referenced against the 2001 Census information for each community. Our data base also had the advantage of ensuring that all households who may be affected received a leaflet.

    In some cases, for example, Tanworth in Arden (which has no defined settlement boundary) the mailshot encompassed individual properties and very small groups of dwellings in the area to more closely represent the community that could be affected rather than seeking to define the village centre itself - causing further debate.

    However, the issue that Bloor Homes has highlighted is not about the accuracy of the precise dwelling numbers in these 39 villages, but about how the 2,240 new houses (stated in the Council’s Core Strategy) will be proportionately allocated to each of the 39 villages and how many new housing estates of “2% of the existing housing stock” could be imposed upon each village to achieve this overall number.

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