Shottery Community Park and Open Spaces

Shottery Community Park and open spaces

Over six hectares (around 15 acres) of land is included as part of the proposals to create new parkland for public recreation and general leisure use. It will be created to the south-west of the relief road, just south of the northern section of the new housing development.

To be named Shottery Community Park, this parkland will be an open space suitable for activities such as informal exercise, play, walking and community events. It will be a landscaped and managed area to increase and sustain local biodiversity.

All existing rights of way will be incorporated into the layout and remain unaffected.

Throughout the residential areas, there will be various public play spaces, some of which will feature children’s play equipment, multi-use games areas and open spaces for general fitness.

There will also be areas within the development that are intended to be left as natural havens, such as woodland planting, grassland and sustainable drainage areas. As many existing ecological features as possible will be retained and protected during construction.

It is important that views from the garden of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage up to Bordon Hill are protected, so this area is designated as open landscape, free from housing. The two fields to the west of the Cottage will remain as they are, with an agricultural use.

A number of different tree species will be introduced including Maple, Dogwood, Hazel, Spindle, Crab Apple, Alder, Hawthorn, Ash, Oak and Hornbeam. Different native species will be chosen according to their purpose, whether that be for structural landscaping, screening or biodiversity.

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